A green health care exhibit created in conjunction with the International Facility Management Association Health Care Council and Corporate Realty, Design & Construction, will be displayed at IFMA’s World Workplace 2007 Conference & Expo.

The Green Patient Room utilizes eco-friendly design and materials to display how green hospital facilities can be, according to an IFMA press release. The room illustrates how sustainable design practices can improve patient care by increasing efficiency and cutting down on anxiety of staff, patients and families. It also serves as an educational tool for health care administrators, and was unveiled earlier this year at D&D Communications Group’s Commercial Construction Show in Chicago.

The room is divided into three unique zones: patient, family and staff. Each is mean to improve patient care by increasing comfort and minimizing disorder and stress. The patient zone is designed to provide patients as much control over their environment, including the bathroom, as possible. Intimidating medical equipment is discreetly located on one side of the bed, where it is easily accessible to staff but out of sight of patients and families. The family zone is designed to encourage patient stays, reminiscent of a living room with a sleeper sofa, television and desktop space. The staff zone is organized to accommodate staff workflow and provide better access to equipment by reducing clutter and improving lighting to minimize injury and medical error.

The room also features cost-effective and energy-saving steps, including low-flow rate faucet aerators, showerheads and toilets to reduce water consumption. Non-toxic materials low in volatile organic compound emissions are used throughout the room.

The design of the room is founded on Evidence-Based Design principals, meaning the dynamic of the room itself can contribute to patient care and encourage the healing process. The Green Patient Room was created in conjunction with architectural firm Anshen+Allen.

For more information on the IFMA convention, which will be held in New Orleans, click here.