Connecticut schools must implement a green cleaning program for all school buildings and facilities on or before July 1, 2011, according to legislation (HB 6496) signed into law on June 2 by Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell. THe new law requires schools to use “green cleaning products” that meet guidelines or environmental standards set by a “national or international environmental certification program” approved by the state Department of Administrative Services (DAS).

Historically, DAS has selected cleaning products certified by Green Seal in implementing Governor Rell’s executive order that requires state agencies to procure and use green cleaning products. However, ISSA called for Connecticut to adopt a multi-faceted approach, including approving the following programs for purposes of defining environmentally preferable cleaning products: Green Seal, the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment—or DfE—Formulator Program, and EcoLogo.

Under the Connecticut green cleaning for schools law, each local and regional board of education must provide the staff of each school and, upon request, the parents or guardians of each child enrolled in each school with a written statement of the school district’s green cleaning program. Such notice must include:

• The types and names of environmentally preferable cleaning products applied in schools

• The location of the application of such cleaning products in the school buildings and facilities

• The schedule of when such cleaning products are applied in the school buildings and facilities

• The statement, “No parent, guardian, teacher or staff member may bring into the school facility any consumer product intended to clean, deodorize, sanitize or disinfect.”

• The name of the school administrator, or a designee, who may be contacted for further information.

As reported by ISSA.