As seen in The Vancouver Sun.

The next generation of environmentally friendly workplaces will not only have a carbon-neutral footprint and improve the health of workers, but could actually produce enough power of their own to add energy to the regional power grid, according to architects and designers leading the charge in green building design.

Green buildings reduce an office's energy consumption and improve the health of workers by incorporating more environmentally friendly materials and features. They're being embraced by businesses around the world looking to lower operating costs while boosting employee health and productivity, says Bill Chomik, an architect and principal with Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. in Calgary.

"Sustainability and environmental stewardship as you design is table-stakes in today's design world," says Chomik. "It's no longer something that you add on. It's now mainstream."

He points to many studies which have concluded that in addition to energy and operating cost savings, employee health and productivity improve in green workplaces.

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