Green Seal recently completed the first standard for services provided to clean buildings. With this now in effect, service providers can become certified under GS-42, Green Seal's Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services for reduced toxicity, waste, and exposure.

"This standard seeks to encourage both in-house and external cleaning services to establish a green cleaning program that protects human health and the environment," said Arthur Weissman, Ph.D., Green Seal President and CEO.

For the purposes of this standard, green cleaning encompasses all indoor activities typically required to clean commercial, public, and industrial buildings. And because it defines an environmentally responsible cleaning service, the standard could be used as the basis for verification as well as certification. Thus GS-42 provides a market incentive to service providers to offer environmentally responsible cleaning services and a clear, reliable tool for purchasers to determine which services are environmentally responsible.

The standard specifies green chemicals, supplies and equipment as well as cleaning procedures and mandates employee training and communication with building owners and occupants. It requires that a building-specific Green Cleaning Plan be implemented. To verify compliance, Green Seal will conduct on-site audits that may include the cleaning service provider's own facilities, as well as a sample of the facilities cleaned by the service.

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