Green Seal invites your participation in developing an environmental standard for industrial and institutional hand soaps. This standard seeks to encourage the production and use of environmentally responsible hand soaps and assist in identifying such products.

Green Seal is a non-profit environmental labeling and education organization that certifies environmentally responsible products and services. Green Seal conducts environmental evaluations on the life cycle of a variety of product and service categories, from manufacture through use and end-of-life. The proposed standard focuses on opportunities for reduction or elimination of significant environmental impacts in hand soaps.

This standard is being jointly proposed by Green Seal and Canada's Environmental Choice Program in recognition of the growing marketplace interest in ecolabeled products in the US and Canada and in an effort to harmonize the environmental criteria for hand soaps seeking certification from both programs.

In developing its environmental standards, Green Seal actively seeks comment from all stakeholders, including manufacturers, users, government agencies, academic researchers, trade associations, environmental and consumer groups, and the general public. All comments will be carefully reviewed, and the final standard will reflect those considered meritorious.

Stakeholder comments should be submitted in writing and received no later than February 20, 2006.

In addition to any general remarks, please refer to specific sections on which you have comments and include any relevant supporting documentation. Your comments will become part of Green Seal's public record. Please send your comments to

To review the proposed standard, visit Green Seal's Web site.