In an effort to produce more Green and Sustainable jobs, The Green Clean Institute developed a series of entry-level training courses for various workforce development programs and training centers. These courses are easily adaptable to any training program offering career development and employment opportunities.

On July 14-15th, the Green Clean Institute will participate in a "Train the Trainer" seminar event in Chicago. At this event, there are no keynote speakers, only sessions offering "Training Instruction" for instructors, by instructors. Of nearly twenty courses available, here are two of the newest: Organic Waste Service; and Paper Shredding and Recycling

Special booths will introduce other education programs that are developed for entry-level jobs and the handicapped. We invite instructors and leaders from around the country to join us at this "Green Education - Train the Trainer" event. Tickets are $250 per attendee which admits you to all available training seminars.

Who should attend: We invite any training facility to attend this event, but we are encouraging programs that participate in NISH and other workforce-type training to attend. Send your teachers and company decision-makers to the event since there will be a lot to see, and some outstanding materials to review.

Here's the deal. This is a fast paced program that will offer live training for a variety of entry-level Green job training. You will see training programs ready to instruct with text, PowerPoint’s, and video. All courses, presented during this two day event, are capable of being offered to the hard-to-employ, ESL, and disabled individuals. The program starts at 9:00 am each day and will end about 3pm. Special evening sessions offer optional sessions that are helpful to those who attend.

Instructors include: Kathy Spratt of Green Tiger, David Thompson of JanitorKatt, R. Michael Richmond of the Green Clean Institute, David Bouck of Hope Network, and others.

Pricing for the “Train the Trainer” material/program will be determined by the size of the organization and the volume of employees to be certified. You will discover that the unit price per course will be considerably less than most certification courses that are available to the public. Our program will provide instructors with PowerPoint presentations, video training for each course and a trainer’s manual that will set some guidelines for instructing the course material. Certification will be provided by the Green Clean Institute upon completion of the course material. All of our courses are available online for instant access, and the exams may be taken either online or by paper test.

Location is to Be Announced
Ticket Information - All attendees will receive the "Microfiber Training" course without charge.