Green Cleaning University (GCU), a professional development tool and extensive resource of information about Green Cleaning and healthy building maintenance, was unveiled by The Ashkin Group, LLC at

GCU is modeled after a traditional Ivy League campus, but with online programming designed for today’s busy cleaning industry professionals. The faculty includes some of the nation’s leading experts in green buildings, Green Cleaning and healthy building maintenance. Students have access to a wide variety of data and learning tools accessible via interactive classes, online discussion groups, special conferences, an extensive library and bookstore. It was created by Stephen Ashkin and David Holly of The Ashkin Group, LLC headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana. Ashkin and Holly each have over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry, managing product development, sales and marketing.

“Our objective is to provide unparalleled expertise and rapidly evolve Green Cleaning University into an institution that maintains the largest collection of information about Green Cleaning and the maintenance of healthy buildings around the world,” said Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group. “Traditional training and educational programs are costly, often involves travel and time off from work, and offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach to instruction. In contrast, GCU is a fraction of the cost of traditional training and allows the cleaning industry professional to control the class schedule, location and pace of instruction. We envision it as a very high quality educational tool designed to help industry professionals climb up the corporate ladder while lounging at home in their favorite recliner.”

“Traditionally, professional development courses have been designed to stuff learning into the class participant when and where it is convenient for the training organization and teacher,” Holly said. “But real learning happens when it’s convenient for the learner. Green Cleaning University makes all of its online courses and materials available 24/7 so they are accessible, via the Internet, to the learner whenever and wherever it is most convenient.”

GCU’s initial class schedule focuses on how to maximize the sale of Green Cleaning products and services. Course titles include: “Prospecting for Green Cleaning Accounts,” “Selling Green Cleaning & the Pilot Process,” “Greening Health Care,” and more. In the coming months, GCU will offer programs from leading experts around the world on Green Buildings, the USGBC and its LEED-EB program, sales management, conducting building audits, implementing various cleaning strategies such as Day Cleaning and Team Cleaning, and others. Online discussion groups will expand the networks and knowledge of industry professionals. A Conference Center will provide a forum for live meetings, presentations and panel discussions and much more.  

The key supporters and founding sponsors of GCU are The Spartan Chemical Company, Pro Team, Bay West, 3M and Advanced Vapor Technologies.