Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc., has acquired the assets of The FootWork Corporation of Sarasota, Florida. All assets, including the trademarked FootMate System are now under the Gordon Brush umbrella.

The FootMate System is a uniquely contoured and specially designed brush that adheres to the bottom of any shower for cleansing and massaging the foot. The foot is rubbed across the contoured bristles, shaped to cradle the foot, with soft inner bristles and stiffer outer bristles. The system mounts to the shower wall for proper draining and has an anti-mildew retrieval rope to lift it from the shower floor to the wall. The FootMate System was originally designed to help the over 25.8 million Americans who suffer from Diabetes (American Diabetes Association). Diabetics are more vulnerable to foot problems because damaged nerves reduce blood flow to the feet.  Poor foot care with diabetes can lead to serious health problems, including possible amputation of the foot or leg.

"When we first heard about the FootMate System opportunity, we saw the huge demographic the product can serve. Over 8.3% of the population of the U.S. alone has Diabetes," notes Gordon Brush President and CEO, Kenneth Rakusin. "Then, we began to realize that the FootMate System has a much larger reach. It has anti-bacterial applications that serve the entire huge beauty, health and hygiene markets."