A recent USA Today article outlined the five germiest parts of air travel. The traveling public will be scruitinizing the cleanliness of these areas and custodial departments are advised to pay special attention.

1. The airplane restroom. According to Coverall Cleaning System, these areas are rarely sanitized between flights and tiny sinks make it nearly impossible to properly wash hands. Studies have also found E. coli on almost every surface in these tight spaces.

2. The floor at security checkpoints. The high traffic in these areas make cleaning difficult and thousands of socked or barefoot travers increase the risk for transmition of fungal infections.

3. Airline magazines and catalogs. Combine the percentage of people skipping handwashing after using the restroom to the less frequent swap of reading material and the potential of germs linguering on these items is off the chart. 

4. The airport drinking fountain. According to Coverall, the high cost of beverages and FAA rules baning liquids at checkpoints has resulted in an increase in drinking fountain use. But, say reports, public drinking fountains can harbor as many as 2.7 million bacteria per square inch on the spigot.

5. Airline pillows and blankets. Roughly five percent of customers on a flight will have a cold or flu, according to the USA Today article, and many try sleeping it off while in the air. Pillows and blankets are not cleaned between flights, creating potential risk for those boarding the plane. 

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