This week, the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) announced that it has awarded the LEED Green Associate credential to over 10,000 individuals.

The credential, which was introduced to the market just last year, has secured its status as the preeminent designation for professionals who support the green building industry.  The LEED Green Associate exam tests for fundamental understanding of sustainable building practices and principles.  It is specifically designed for those individuals who work in industries that support sustainable building, such as manufacturing, sales, policy, real estate, property management, law, marketing, and many others.  It is also a starting point for students and professionals who desire to eventually become LEED APs with specialty.

"Our 10,000 LEED Green Associates represent the growing commitment of the workforce to building a green economy," said Peter Templeton, President of GBCI. "LEED Green Associates are armed with the knowledge to affect change in our built environment and propel the mission of green building forward."

Earning a LEED Credential demonstrates a candidate‚s comprehensive and current knowledge of green building technologies and best practices.  As an indicator that an individual has met this benchmark of understanding, the LEED Green Associate credential is a mark of recognition for professionals who may not have direct involvement on a LEED project but who work closely with the sustainable building industry in other capacities.

GBCI, based in Washington, DC, administers the suite of LEED Professional Credentials, which has been recognized in the industry as a designation of significant achievement for nearly a decade.  For more information on how to take the LEED Green Associate exam, please visit