More often than not, facility managers find themselves with heavy workloads, minimal staff and limited budgets. That is certainly the case for Brian Adams, who's staff limitations have been forced him to take a step back from his role as manager and instead perform daily hands-on cleaning and repairs, says the Cohasset Mariner, Mass.

Adams is responsible for managing the maintenance for Town Hall, the library, the police and fire station, the department of public works building, the harbormaster's shack, and all three schools, but his staff currently consists of three employees (one foreman and two maintenance workers). The limited staff has caused Adams to spread their services very thin. Currently, just one employee serves as the custodian for the library, Town Hall, police and fire department and the public works building.

According to reports, Adams is in negotiations with the board for an increased budget for 2007. He hopes that this will lead to an increase of 10 staff members to his team, which would free up Adams to take on his managerial role as facility manager.

To help fight his cause, Adams came before the school committee to provide an update on where the schools stand from a cleaning and custodial standpoint. The findings were disappointing. According to the report, schools are ranked on a scale of one through five with level one as "hospital standard" clean. Cohasset's schools ranked a four.

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