CHARLESTON, SC - March 21, 2007 - FMI Services Group is a wide-spectrum building services contractor, providing a wide range of services to a variety of enterprises in four different states along the east coast, including office buildings, industrial complexes, and educational and health facilities. FMI attributes its success to professional work ethic, focus on customer service, and effective use of technology.

As a top-tier service provider, FMI is always on the lookout for tools that can increase its ability to perform. When FMI saw the online tracking system CleanTelligent, they realized that it had the potential to be one of those tools. As a result of using CleanTelligent, FMI was able to renew an important contract for several years.

Rich Reagan CBSE, Vice President and General Manager for their Janitorial Division, relates the story: "CleanTelligent was instrumental in our award of a $1.4 million dollar contract with a regional financial institution. When our contract with them came up for renewal, they opened the bidding to other contractors. All of the bids submitted were highly competitive. The client wanted to see which contractor could offer something to distinguish itself from the others. We showed them CleanTelligent and that got their attention. They had never seen anything like it before. After seeing what CleanTelligent could do for them, they chose to stay on with us."

Reagan explained that FMI's other clients have also been quite pleased with CleanTelligent, saying, "CleanTelligent has streamlined communication between our clients and management. Our clients like the program. They are really excited about the new technology and what it offers." CleanTelligent has also provided FMI with internal benefits. Reagan explains, "CleanTelligent's tracking capabilities allow us to keep our management team more accountable for their work."

FMI President, Don Pottieger Jr. CBSE, says, "I normally do not get too excited about information technology, but this product is one of the finest things I have seen in my twenty years in the industry, right up there with Telephone Timekeeping and the Backpack Vacuum."

The technology that contractors and clients have been waiting for is now here, and forward-looking building service contractors like FMI are using it to maintain their edge in the competitive cleaning industry. CleanTelligent is a comprehensive online tracking system that manages communications, inspections, and reports for building service contractors.