With a six-month trial period coming to a close, Enviro-Solutions is reevaluating its social media strategy to see if it is helping the company promote its products and point of view.
The company has been actively involved with Facebook and Twitter since the first of this year. Both sites are now considered the largest and most active social media sites on the Internet.
 “We know they are proving valuable for business-to-consumer companies, but their value in the B-2-B (business-to-business) arena is not clear yet,” says Mike Sawchuk, vice president of Enviro-Solutions and Charlotte Products.
According to Sawchuk, the company views both sites as “brand awareness tools,” allowing the company to provide more information and more detailed information about its products  as well as Green cleaning in general.
For instance, it uses Facebook almost as a second Web site, providing images and specific details on the company’s products.
“We know a lot of end-customers research products online,” adds Sawchuk. “So now they have a number of [Internet] avenues to learn about our products other than just our company Web site.”

Sawchuk adds that he is aware of other companies in the professional cleaning industry that are now also getting involved with social media sites; however, just like Enviro-Solutions, many are doing this on an experimental basis.
“It may prove to be a very successful and [an] effective marketing tool,” he says.  “At the very least, I’m glad we have jumped in the water and are giving it a try.”