E-Training, which is also referred to as web-based training or just-in-time training, is the educational format selected by Enviro-Solutions to provide cleaning and sales training for its distributors throughout North America.
In the past year, the company has acquired and developed an extensive and comprehensive training program and resource guide that consists of 30+ modularized training courses.  They are presented using videos and PowerPoint and include online tests to verify understanding. Topics include:
·       New Distributor Training
·       A “how to”  procedural manual with over 35 topics
·       Selling skills development
·       Product review videos including products from several manufacturers
·       Videos of various seminars
According to Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager for Enviro-Solutions, an e-training program “enables participants to receive the training when and where they want and also allows them to study what they want at their own pace.”
The program is now being beta-tested and evaluated by program developers and a small group of Enviro-Solutions distributors. The official launch of the program will be at the upcoming ISSA tradeshow to be held in October 2009.
“Of course, Green cleaning will be addressed extensively in the program,” says Sawchuk.  “But, the syllabus covers virtually all aspects of cleaning—from refinishing floors [and] using disinfectants to several modules developed to help distributors improve their sales skills as well
Sawchuk adds that certificates will be awarded to those that complete the courses and pass the tests.  Additionally, he says that initial feedback on the program and it courses “is that [they are] thorough and fun. The key [we found] is to balance quality and engaging content with easy interface.”