Industry experts comment that the business cycle is getting tighter and employees are beginning to feel restless in their jobs, according to reports from the Huston Chronicle. To promote employee retention, many employers are looking at new ways to improve morale among their work force. To do so, some companies are stocking office refrigerators with healthy lunch supplies, offering cash and even paid vacations for meeting productivity goals, and helping ease the financial burden of going back to school.

According to the article, job creation has been growing for the past three years, and the unemployment rate has been coming down. The nation's unemployment rate is 4.8 percent, which is what many economists consider full employment.

To keep employees happy, many companies are doing a lot of "customizing" for individual employees or small groups. One janitorial service company helped get kids ready for school by filling 400 backpacks with notebooks, pencils and folders for the children of its employees. The commercial cleaning company got the list of required supplies from the Houston Independent School District for preschool to 12th grade to fill the packs, then let kids choose from Superman, Hot Wheels, Dora the Explorer, to trendy black or pink mesh carry-alls.

Company officials commented that the special offerings were a good way to tell the janitors that the company cares about them and hopes that the industries high turnover rate wont affect them.

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