Hotels have traditionally focused on employee training in an effort to improve guest satisfaction, which in turn would increase return on investment, price/value, guest ratios, recognition, etc. The industry has also experienced a tradition of high employee turnover, which impacts the financial bottom line in a number of ways.

According to a HospitalityNet article, the hotel industry is plagued with shortages of workers. "Reasons for this are varied and tend to be financial (unattractive wage structures), social (disinterest in the service sector) and political (immigration laws). It could also be due to over-aggressive hotel management, which has succeeded in cutting costs through limiting management tiers and other value engineering, but has also preempted the development of managers to support new expansion. All of these intertwine and result in the same issue: the lack of human resources."

The hospitality industry needs to review their strategy to make service jobs more desirable, convenient and affordable to these workers.

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