Billions of dollars are spent each year on lost worker productivity and one of the primary reasons for it is bacteria. According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, business spend roughly $10 billion a year on employee sick days, absences that can be avoided with proper cleaning.

There is a standard across the industry that when cleaning an office, janitorial workers are not to disturb worker stations (i.e. keyboards, desk tops, staplers, phones, etc.). Because of this, it is these locations that harbor billions of microbes, creating worker illness.

According to the article, scientists have come up with a solution to this ongoing problem: office supply products that fight bacteria. For instance, a ballpoint pen with an anti-microbial surface, file folders that suppress the growth of bacteria, algae, mold, fungus and mildew, and even an automatic trash can with a top that opens w hen you're six inches away (so workers don't have to touch it). Testing is still being done on these products.

Reports indicate that some offices are breading grounds for germs. Topping the list are desk phones, cell phones and computer keyboards. These items are used more than any other object in the office, and are rarely cleaned. For these areas, experts recommend disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer gels and tissues.

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