Tourism has grown in the Phoenix area, bringing in $17.5 billion to the state of Arizona, and hospitality businesses are having a difficult time finding enough employees locally, forcing them to recruit abroad. Doing so has created difficulties throughout the resort because of the lack of English-speaking employees.

To reach a solution to this problem, six resorts and several smaller construction and landscaping businesses have joined together with the Scottsdale Community College to provide English classes for the workers. The goal is to provide quality customer service by making sure the resort employees know English and are properly trained in American hospitality. The training has allowed for better communication, which translates to better operations and services.

According to the Arizona Republic, the program has been in place since 2001 and will soon begin its most aggressive campaign to enlist more resorts and businesses for this individualized, on-site educational opportunity.

The college will work with businesses that have at least 15 students for an on-site class. Unlike other educational opportunities, businesses will have the opportunity to design their own programs for the on-site visits. They can also choose various payments for the classes. Some businesses reimburse students at the completion of the course, while others allow students to attend class while on the clock.

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