EcoLogo announced they are making it easier for manufacturers to formulate products that meet EcoLogo’s Green certification criteria. The company is streamlining their product audit process by using ingredients listed on the CleanGredients™ database.

CleanGredients is an online database of institutional and industrial cleaning ingredients. It was developed to help manufacturers of Green cleaning chemicals and products select environmentally preferable chemical ingredients.

“CleanGredients was created by GreenBlue, a nonprofit organization based in Charlottesville, Va. that works with various industry sectors to stimulate the development of healthier products and services,” says Lauren Heine, director of applied science at the GreenBlue Institute. “We have partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International to ensure data presented in CleanGredients is relevant and valid.”

According to Stewart Fast, lead researcher at EcoLogo, the Green certification organization now recognizes any active surfactant in the database listed as “readily biodegradable” as acceptable evidence that the ingredients meet the following proof of biodegradability requirements in the criteria for:

• Hand Cleaners (CCD -104);
• Biologically Based Cleaning & Degreasing Compounds (CCD-110);
• Hard Surface Cleaners (CCD-146);
• Floor Care Products (CCD-147); and
• Carpet Care Products (CCD-148).

Furthermore, any surfactant in the database with an aquatic toxicity measurement of less than 1 mg/L will also become acceptable evidence for EcoLogo in meeting the following requirements:

• Proof of low toxicity of surfactant ingredients as required in criterion 7.a of CCD 146 “Hard Surface Cleaners”
• Proof of low toxicity of surfactants as required in criterion 3.g of CCD Urinal Deodorant Blocks

“We believe CleanGredients is helping the jansan industry significantly, making it easier for them to select ingredients that can be used to produce Green cleaning chemicals and products,” says Stewart Fast. “And their online database is expediting the introduction of healthier, sustainable, and more environmentally preferable cleaning products.”