Cleaning in homes, buildings, schools and hospitals is important for human health. Green cleaning is even better than traditional methods as it can lead to healthier indoor air quality. With the rise of infectious diseases and the attention sanitation is receiving, cleaning products are an essential part of the solution. It is during this critical time that the EcoLogo Program is pleased to announce the review of its environmental standard for hard surface cleaners.

"Cleaning products play a fundamental role in the wellness of indoor areas, contributing to indoor air quality and the level of sanitation of hard surfaces," says Scot Case, Executive Director of the EcoLogo Program. "The revised EcoLogo standard will define clear criteria that cleaning products must meet before they can claim environmental leadership."

The EcoLogo Program is reaching out to interested individuals and companies who want to participate in a process that will help to reduce the environmental and human health impacts of cleaning products.

EcoLogo standards are developed and reviewed in an open, public, transparent process. The 12- to 18-month process begins by outlining key environmental issues and questions to be addressed by the standard. Anyone is able to participate in the standard review process, including cleaning product manufacturers, retailers, government agencies, and non-profit advocacy groups. After the standard is finalized, any manufacturer that demonstrates compliance with the standard is eligible for EcoLogo certification.

The standard review process will be supported by staff at the University of Tennessee Center for Clean Products, who are leaders in the development of environmental product and material standards.

The EcoLogo Program is inviting anyone interested in helping to review the hard surface cleaners standard to email Jack Geibig at

Any questions pertaining directly to the EcoLogo standard development and review process itself, please contact Katherine Stewart at:, or call: (613) 247-1900 ext. 231.