Just in time for summer, a new environmental standard for the products used to treat residential pools and spas has been released. The EcoLogo Program is proud to announce the launch of its first standard for Pool and Spa Water Treatment Products.
"The EcoLogo Program would like to extend its thanks to all the stakeholders who generously contributed their time and ideas to the development of this new standard," says Dr. Angela Griffiths, Executive Director of the EcoLogo Program. "It is with their expertise and knowledge that EcoLogo's first Pool and Spa Water Treatment Products standard was developed."
This standard has been established to encompass water treatment products used to maintain above and below ground conventional residential pools and spas.
A number of different products for residential pools and spas are classified in various subcategories according to specific water treatment needs or functions. The subcategories in this standard include: Oxidizers, Algaecides, Balancers (pH increasers, pH decreasers, or alkalinity increasers), Enhancers (clarifying agents, flocculants, metal sequesters, or conditioners), and Phosphate Removers. It should be noted that while water sanitizers such as chlorine - and bromine-based chemicals are needed to efficiently treat pool and spa water, they are not included in this standard.
Based on a review of currently available information on environmental impacts, the product category requirements will produce an environmental benefit through a substitution of less intrusive raw materials, a reduction of environmental hazards, and an increase in renewable resource and biobased products. Specific requirements in this standard will include, for example, enhancers containing biobased content of at least 50%.

A copy of the EcoLogo Pool and Spa Water Treatment Products Standard as well as all documents pertaining to the development of this standard are available at ecologo.org.