The EcoLogo Program, North America’s leading independent, third-party, Green certification and marketing organization, announces that all of their clients audited as part of their 2006 “unannounced” compliance program passed.

The unannounced surveillance audit program assures that companies and products certified by the organization continue to comply with the Green criteria to which they were first certified.

As implied, investigators from EcoLogo make unannounced visits to manufacturing plants on a randomly selected basis. Last year, the organization announced it was expanding the program to make sure more of its clients stay compliant.

“As part of our agreement with participating companies, they must allow us to perform surveillance audits (as they are officially called) to make sure products bearing the EcoLogo seal remain compliant,” says Susan Herbert, EcoLogo’s Director of Programs & Science. “This helps protect consumers, the environment, and the credibility of the EcoLogo seal.”

According to Herbert, the 2006 audits covered 11 distinct product categories, including the cleaning and paper industries, 92 different manufacturers, and 243 products. Examination during the surveillance program includes:

• A review of manufacturing records and processes
• Samplings of certified products analyzed to make sure restricted and prohibited ingredients have not been added
• Product performance and effectiveness testing
• Biodegradation of products

Got the “Green” Passing Grade
Among those jansan companies audited and passing the 2006 surveillance program were:

• Rochester Midland Corporation for their Tough Job Cleaner (EnviroChem)
• Enviro-Solutions Limited, for their Cream Cleanser ES 53, No Zinc Floor Finish ES 97, and Stain and Spot Remover ES 88
• Lord & Partners Limited, for their Transit Clean Bus Floor and Vinyl Seat Cleaner and BK1 Brake Parts Cleaner

“This program is really key to the success of certification organizations such as EcoLogo,” says Mike Sawchuk, Vice President and General Manager of Enviro-Solutions. “Random checking means the consumer and the environment are protected and can trust the EcoLogo seal.”