According to reports from the International Sanitary Supply Association, the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment and the GreenBlue Institute are wrapping up industry review of the beta (i.e.: trial) version of the CleanGredients database and will continue moving forward in the development of the "one-stop-shop" in support of the formulation of green institutional and industrial cleaning products.

ISSA is a member of the Steering Committee that has overseen the development of the database.

CleanGredients is a searchable database of ingredients for use in the formulation of cleaning products with improved human and environmental profiles. The database is divided into modules for different ingredient classes and the initial surfactants module was made available for review and comment in mid-January. The database eventually will be expanded to cover additional ingredient classes, including solvents and others.

CleanGredients includes data and information on the environmental and health attributes of the chemical components of cleaning product formulations and is designed to:

  • Help companies that formulate cleaning products identify ingredients that are useful in the development and formulation of green cleaning products.
  • Provide opportunity for suppliers of cleaning product ingredients to showcase their ingredients with environmental and/or human health and safety attributes.
According to Lauren Heine, director of applied science at GreenBlue, "The database aligns broad environmental and human health goals with the cleaning industry's business objectives and will support formulators in formulating products with human and environmental health benefits, whether to meet internal corporate standards, regulatory requirements, voluntary product recognition programs, or green procurement criteria."

It is the ultimate goal of the CleanGredients project to make this information available to formulators on a complimentary or modest cost basis.