Dow Chemical Co. has a new goal to recycle one million pounds of paper a year as part of its WeCycle initiative, reports The Saginaw News.

The project will create up to 20 jobs for Arnold Center Inc. in Midland, Michigan. The Arnold Center is a private, non-profit group serving people with disabilities. Employees from the center will sort and recycle paper items. Dow has also trained its janitorial staff to look out for recyclables.

Dow expects to save about 7,650 trees and reduce its refuse that goes to landfills by 30 percent, according to Jim Hummel, WeCycle project team leader.

“We’ve had recycling programs in the past, but we could not recycle sticky notes or envelopes with windows,” he said. “This is an enhanced program, and we expect to triple or quadruple what we’re recycling by making it easier for employees.”