Distributors and distributor sales reps (DSRs) for Enviro-Solutions were recently asked a variety of questions regarding their selling experiences with green cleaning chemicals and products. This survey revealed that green cleaning products were mostly used in schools (50 percent) with government offices coming in second (29 percent). Least likely to use green cleaning products were privately owned office buildings (49 percent) followed by hotels (19 percent).

Among the other issues addressed in the survey:
• Fifty-two percent responded it is “very” important to their customers that the green cleaning chemicals used be certified by EcoLogo, Green Seal, or the EPA's Design for the Environment

• Nearly 86 percent of the distributors/DSRs indicated it was very important to them personally that the products they offer be green certified

• Seventy-nine percent reported their customers are still confused about green cleaning and what it means to be green

When asked about the use of bio-based and bio-enzymatic cleaning products, about 53 percent of the respondents indicated their customers are “somewhat” aware of what bio-based cleaning products are. However, a staggering 73 percent indicated that their customers have only “somewhat” of an understanding of what bio-enzymatic cleaning products are.
“Bio-based and bio-enzymatic cleaning products are certainly not new,” says Mike Sawchuk, vice president of Enviro-Solutions. “However, now that some have been green certified, more end-customers are being introduced to them as a green cleaning [chemical] alternative.”

The survey was completed during the last week of May 2011.  Altogether, 154 people either started or completed the survey.