According to a recent news release, 10 of the more than 100 displaced workers from Nova Southeastern University will meet with state legislators in their second visit since they were turned away from their jobs over three weeks ago.

State legislators will hold a press conference unveiling a letter urging Nova President Ray Ferrero and the Nova Board of Trustees to take immediate steps to re-hire the workers. The legislators have also agreed to take a close look at state funds going to the university and that Nova's actions are, "perhaps risking state funding for future programs."

More than a hundred workers, including the most high profile and vocal supporters of the union, were thrown out of work this week as new contractors took over. The university has already been accused of violating the civil rights of workers who support the union, and the National Labor Relations Board has gone as far as to issue a formal complaint against the University.

"We were told that the University did not want those of us who were active in the union, said Fritz Hector, a displaced landscaper, "but we will not stop fighting for our jobs, or for a future that lifts us out of poverty."