According to the Business Edge, Ontario, Canada, daytime cleaning of urban office towers saves more than just energy, it saves between one hundred million and one billion wild birds across North America each year. Changing over to day cleaning will keep office buildings dark in the evening and saving countless songbirds from their fatal attraction to the bright night lights of urban buildings.

Although officials are pleased with the environmental angle of day cleaning, the change is still being driven by corporate demand for reduced energy consumption and increased security. Some believe that the change in cleaning strategy will cut electricity costs by up to eight percent a year. It has also helped security concerns such as theft and corporate espionage because cleaners are seen and known throughout the building by tenants.

According to the article, day cleaning also satisfies tenants concerns regarding the quality of cleaning that is being done. Because they are able to see the workers cleaning, they are aware of the regularity and thoroughness of the cleaning that is done throughout the building.

Although there are obvious benefits, some businesses have been reluctant to make the change. According to reports, there is a lot of lead work that tenants need to do to convert a building from night cleaning to day cleaning. It may also be an adjustment to communicate to employees that they will now need to work around the cleaners, and vice versa. Experts believe that regardless of the necessary adjustments, the switch would be worth it.

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