DDI System users converged in National Harbor, Md. this past May excited to learn more about their inform software system, network with fellow wholesale distributors, and take back new ideas and techniques to improve company operations. User comments were overwhelmingly positive, "the entire conference was very valuable. I learned something new at every session".

Steve Epner’s dynamic keynote address and breakout sessions sparked creative ideas across the board.

“Steve did a great job in getting everyone thinking!”  Followed by extensive training and open sessions, DDI Users had the opportunity to dig deep into their business operations and workflows using their DDI analytics.  

Distributors of all sizes from across the US and Canada realized the power behind the business system that runs their everyday operations and were excited at the opportunities to take it to the next level. As one user stated, “We discovered little gems we had not known about before.  The Inform software will be even more beneficial to us as we put the newly discovered functions to work.”

Adam Waller, President of DDI System, Sandy Hook, Conn., started off the second day with multiple ‘top-secret’ announcements stating, “Our developers have been busy working toward the future – and it is a bright one!”  A thunderous applause was heard across the room as he unveiled DDI’s latest innovations and features.

In the subsequent training sessions distributors not only learned their system in greater depth but also made significant contributions towards the development ideas that will better their businesses in 2011 – and DDI System has already begun implementing many of these developments!

“It was overwhelming to hear the positive feedback and see the energy level from every attendee!  Hearing the ideas generated, the knowledge attained, and seeing friendships develop, further solidifies the DDI System ‘family’ as the team to beat in the future.  I for one can’t wait to see our distributors continue to grow and succeed in their businesses.” Rayna Naclerio, Marketing Manager, DDI System.

DDI System is already planning the 2011 User Conference to be held next fall. 

“We encourage all of our customers to join us – their success is our success and we want to support them with all of the tools necessary to continue to progress in the future!” Barbara Jagoe, Executive Vice President, DDI System.