Winona State University, Minn., set up a new campaign to create awareness about the spread of seasonal influenza and avian flu. the campaign, called "cover your Cough," had the janitorial staff working overnight to place small white hand-sanitizer dispensers in high-traffic areas throughout the schools' Commons. Approximately 500 additional sanitizers will be installed in the rest of the buildings.

According to reports from the campus newspaper, the avian flu has only been spread by undercooked poultry, but the concern is that some day it will be spread person-to person and the university wants to have programs in place ahead of time to combat any possible outbreak.

Winona State's janitorial supply company donated the hand sanitizer dispensers. However, the foamy sanitizer solution costs extra. But, in addition to the soap dispensers, the school is looking at alternative ways of preventing any possible outbreaks. Educators are stressing the importance of keeping hands away from the mouth, eyes and nose, as those places are the primary paths of entry for most viruses.

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