Crothall Services Group embarked on a significant long-term program with Intellibot Robotics LLC to install robotic floor cleaning equipment at key facilities across the country. 

"Our customers expect quality, consistency and a good value," says Rob Bradford, Crothall regional vice president for the southeast. "Intellibot's robotic floor care machines give us controlled costs and have resulted in overwhelmingly positive customer feedback on cleaning performance. We plan to expand the application beyond our test sites for the benefit of our customers nationwide." 

According to Bradford, the multiple advantages of using robotic cleaners give Crothall a competitive edge in securing new business and extending contracts. These benefits augment Crothall's proven record of continuously improving quality, raising customer satisfaction and managing costs. Crothall boasts the industry's highest customer retention rate-over 99 percent during each of the last four years.  

Crothall currently uses Intellibot robots for daily floor maintenance in customer healthcare facilities located throughout the southeastern United States. Crothall expects to add more scrubbers and is also planning to use the world's first commercial robotic vacuum, Intellibot's IV 800, scheduled to be available in March 2006.

"We are confident that robotics is the direction our industry is headed in order to better manage labor costs and related issues," Bradford added. "In many installations we bring savings from robotics in terms of reduced labor. In other facilities, we are able to redirect our labor resources to increase cleaning in different areas. These are key factors in our ability to deliver the best quality facility services at a fair price." 

According to Buck Ward, Intellibot director of national accounts, for industry leaders, like Crothall, the benefits of investing in robotics are compelling.

"Incorporating Intellibot cleaners in the labor equation is a smarter way to get the job done," Ward noted. "Not only do organizations realize dramatic cost savings in time and labor-the quality and consistency of the cleaning increases, as well. Since our machines require minimal human intervention, the staff is free to work on other, higher level cleaning or maintenance activities."