There is no doubt that the push towards healthier schools has received widespread acceptance, but are the laws requiring green cleaning enough? According to Herald Online, critics are saying no.

"The law requires that schools use "green" cleaners to minimize the exposure of children, custodians and other staff members to potentially damaging chemicals found in many common cleaning products. But the regulations provide few specifics about what makes a cleaner "green," and do not include any health or environmental requirements for floor finishers, waxes and other maintenance and specialty disinfectant products used in schools."

According to the laws in New York, the Office of General Services developed a list of cleaning products that should be used in schools. Critics argue that these Green Seal-certified products meet adult standards and might not be ideal for use in schools.

The National Parent Teacher Association, teacher's unions and many health professionals are working to create tougher state green-cleaning standards in schools, according to the article. They would like to see additional cleaning products and floor finishers in the measures, and they would like to see a full and descriptive definition of green in the law.

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