Coverall Cleaning Concepts purchased its Louisiana Support Center’s first two Franchises by Michael Green and Glenn Cobb. Having just opened on June 1, Coverall Cleaning Concepts’ Louisiana Support Center, with these recent purchases, has started establishing itself in the region.

Green is employed by Tulane University in the Public Services Department and sees owning a Coverall Cleaning Concepts Franchise as an excellent business opportunity to be his own boss and have more control over his financial future. Initially, he is looking to supplement his income, but down the road, hopes that his Coverall Cleaning Concepts franchise is successful enough to be his sole source of income.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” Green said. “In the future, I would like to get to the point where I’m in the background and others are running the day to day operations. As for right now, I’m excited to get started and look forward to working with Tony Long and the Louisiana Support Center.”

Cobb is a department head at a local hospital and at the outset is looking to supplement his income with the purchase of his Coverall Cleaning Concepts franchise. He wanted the independence of owning his own business. Eventually, he would like his franchise to be his full-time employment, but knows that dream will not be realized overnight.

“Having been in the cleaning business for a number of years already, I feel I am going to be very successful in the next five years,” Cobb said. “I’ve just finished training, and I am excited and ready to get started.”

Green heard about the open house at the Louisiana Support Center through his brother who is also in the commercial cleaning industry. Ten days after the open house, Green became a Franchise Owner. In building his client base, he will target all types of facilities in the metropolitan New Orleans region. When he is not working, Green spends time with his daughter and fiancée.

Cobb has been in the cleaning industry for several years, during which he learned that Coverall Cleaning Concepts’ great reputation precedes itself. Initially, he is not targeting specific kinds of facilities, but rather is casting a wide net to help his client base grow. In addition to his work, Cobb is a dedicated father of two and holds a Bachelors Degree in Business.

“Coverall Cleaning Concepts’ Louisiana Support Center is pleased to welcome Michael and Glenn as our initial Franchise Owners,” Tony Long, Owner of the Louisiana Support Center, said. “I will support Michael and Glenn in whatever they need as they begin building their franchises. These are two accomplished men that I expect great things from.”