Coverall Cleaning Concepts offers a unique cleaning program aimed specifically at healthcare facilities. This healthcare program is a cut above what competitors have to offer. Coverall Cleaning Concepts has a proven track record of superior service in the healthcare market. 17% of its accounts are in the healthcare market. Coverall Cleaning Concepts services more than 7,500 healthcare accounts and bills more than $2 million dollars monthly in the healthcare market. In particular, Coverall Cleaning Concepts has been servicing Apria Healthcare and Fresenius-FMC for more than 5 years.

Coverall Cleaning Concepts’ healthcare cleaning program includes a variety of specialized features:

• Site-specific Exposure Control Plan, outlining the responsibilities of Franchise Owners in performing services within each facility and is designed to meet the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Act of 1992.
• Hazardous Communication Program and Right to Know Program ensure that all cleaning chemicals are properly labeled and hazardous substances in the workplace are known.
• Franchise Owners continually apply proper housekeeping procedures and understand the intricacies of the healthcare market laws and regulations.
• Alliance with Procter & Gamble that enables Franchise Owners to offer the most effective commercial products available to service healthcare facilities. Hospital-grade disinfectant cleaners are always used to ensure a high level of efficacy.
• In compliance with principles of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Safety Council and the American Red Cross, Franchise Owners are kept current on all the health and safety issues affecting commercial cleaning.
• Trainers have completed certified programs and training courses with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Safety Council and the American Red Cross.

“Coverall Cleaning Concepts is extremely proud of our proven track record in the healthcare market,” said Ted Elliott, President and Chief Executive Officer of Coverall Cleaning Concepts. “We have a healthcare program that ensures all of the necessary and required health and safety regulations are always met.”