After county officials cut costs and dramatically decreased the janitorial services on Jan. 1, employees and elected officials in El Paso County were asked to take out their own trash and, in some cases, clean their own restrooms. According to reports from The Gazette in Colorado Springs, the additions to their job responsibilities fall under "other duties as assigned."

As no surprise to many, some county employees have complained about the added responsibilities. Some question how profitable it is to have high-paid workers emptying trash cans and taking on other cleaning tasks. Supporters argue that the cuts that were made to the cleaning budgets saved the county an estimated $290,000.

According to the article, the new rules require all county employees to empty their own trash, take recyclables to a central collection point, dust their workstations and clean up spills. Offices, administrative areas, restrooms and break rooms will now be cleaned once a week instead of daily. Needed maintenance between cleanings will be the responsibility of county workers. Floor maintenance will also see cutbacks. Stripping and waxing will take place once a year, instead of two or three times annually. Carpet cleaning will be reduced from once every month or two, to once a year.

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