Nova Southeastern University is proud to say that it serves the community, according to Sun-Sentinel reports, but that same university was quick to let down the community after deciding to outsource janitorial workers who were looking to unionize.

The Service Employees International Union organized janitors and groundskeepers who worked at the university to fight for higher wages and health benefits. According to the article, roughly 330 custodial workers were making as little as $7 an hour with no health benefits. After the university's switch to outsourcing, more than 100 workers were laid off.

In response to the outsourcing effort, the janitors' union is leading a campaign to pressure university leaders to instruct its contractors to rehire employees who were not retained during the switch.

School officials comment that the backlash is difficult to hear, but they say the school still makes valuable contributions to the residents of the community in other ways.

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