Today, building officials are required to administer and enforce policies, interpret and apply legal provisions and possess strong communication, personnel and financial management skills. To help managers develop these skills, the International Code Council Code Official Institute has teamed with the Oregon Building Officials Association and introduced an event for building department administrators who want to improve their management skills.

The event will also be particularly helpful for new building officials who have to meet Oregon's requirement to pass the Legal and Manageme3nt potions of the ICC Certified Building Official exam within six months of hire.

Featured topics of the Code Official Institute include legal aspects of code administration, building department financial and personnel management, ethics in public life and increasing the credibility of the code official. Highly recognized professionals will share their knowledge, expertise and experience in building department administration. These experts include Linda Pieczynski, a preeminent attorney specializing in the field of code enforcement, and Laura Scott, ICC Manager of Chapter Relations, who has experience as a code enforcement officer, supervisor, code writer and trainer.

Participants in the four-day institute have the opportunity to earn CEUs and LUs. Additionally, the Code Official Institute also allows attendees to interact, network, gain valuable insight and share experiences with peers. All participants receive comprehensive manuals to reference during the event and to use as a resource on the job.

To learn more, visit the International Code Council.