The Clorox Company, Oakland, Calif. was recognized by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) for its long-time commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the FPA annual dinner on Thursday, May 20, 2010. In particular, the FPA Board of Directors honored Clorox for taking a leadership role in making natural cleaning mainstream through its Green Works brand.

Highlighting the Green Works brand's partnership with the Sierra Club, Carl Pope, the organization's chairman and CEO was invited to introduce and present the FPA CSR award to Clorox's Chairman and CEO Don Knauss.

"There's something about the DNA of Clorox and its leadership that makes it a good fit for Sierra Club," said Pope as he introduced Knauss. "Their practice of bringing different people together inside and outside of the company to produce insights related to their products or CSR initiatives is in line with Sierra Club Founder John Muir's belief that you need to recognize how things and people are connected to practice ecological thinking."

"Three years ago Clorox identified Health and Wellness and Sustainability to be among the global trends we wanted to address through our product line-up and the way we approach business," said Knauss when he accepted the FPA award. "This led to the development of Green Works; the acquisition of Burt's Bees; and a refocus on Brita as a more affordable, eco- friendly alternative to bottled water. This focus also led to forming relationships with organizations we had never talked to like the Sierra Club. And it confirmed my fundamental belief that bringing together a collection of leaders with diverse viewpoints can lead to a better result. We've seen that in action at Clorox."

"We are pleased to recognize Clorox for its corporate citizenship and for the innovation of Green Works products that make effective and affordable naturally derived cleaners accessible to millions of consumers around the world," said Noel V. Lateef, president and CEO of the Foreign Policy Association.