Cleaners at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital are trying to keep up with the increasing demands within the hospital. According to reports in Canada's Nanaimo News Bulletin, cleaning crews at the hospital have been doing a great job in staying one step ahead of a potential Norovirus outbreak, which causes intense diarrhea and vomiting and has brought large numbers of patients into the emergency room.

To help combat an outbreak, cleaners have left no stone unturned, getting into even the small places where the virus might be hiding out. According to reports, every patient room gets bleach after a VIROX cleaning. Every floor, every ward, nursing stations, staff bathrooms, kitchenettes, railings on the beds are washed with VIROX and followed with bleach. Doing so is expected to eliminate all viral particles.

The added attention to clean has reportedly increased the health of the patients as well. Following every patients discharge from the hospital, cleaning crews are also responsible for stripping down all beds and curtains, washing down all the walls and the head-of-bed equipment, including the oxygen and suction, all of which gets cleaned with VIROX and bleach.

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