will present the free online webcast “Achieving Healthy Schools and Workplaces with Process Cleaning” on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Attended by custodial/facility managers, building service contractor owners/executives and distributor owner/executives, the webcast will highlight the need to emphasize school and workplace health and safety considerations among facility owners and occupants. The webcast will also define the elements of the Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools program and discuss how it can be adapted to other workplace environments.

“Healthier cleaning processes in schools and other workplaces are good for workers, students, employees, attendance and the long-term bottom line, but these are not always easy to implement in a time of budget cuts,” explained Rob Geissler, group publisher, commercial cleaning market. “This webcast will help attendees understand the philosophy behind the benefits of healthy schools and workplaces, and the importance of systems thinking for cost-effective process improvement.”

“Achieving Healthy Schools and Workplaces with Process Cleaning” is sponsored by ProTeam and Kaivac, and its presenters are Rex Morrison, Supervisor, Washoe County School District, and Allen Rathey, President, InstructionLink/JanTrain, Inc.

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