CleanBrain Software's flagship software program, CleanTelligent, is an online tracking and communications system for the cleaning industry. This month marks CleanTelligent's 100,000th Instant Notification. CleanTelligent uses its Instant Notification system to allow building service contractors and their clients and employees to communicate quickly and clearly.

Communication problems are a major concern in the cleaning industry. Building service contractors and in-house cleaning departments need to know the quality of their employees' work. Customers need to have their complaints heard by managers. Inspections and surveys need to be conducted, recorded, and conveyed accurately. All of these processes need to move quickly so that necessary changes can be made to cleaning services in a timely manner.

CleanTelligent solves the cleaning industry's communication issues through its Instant Notifications. Whenever a message is sent through CleanTelligent, CleanTelligent automatically determines which members of the cleaning service’s management need to see that message. It then sends Instant Notifications to the recipients' email, cell phone, other mobile device. CleanTelligent uses the same system to notify employees of the client – those receiving the cleaning services. Through this system, important communications are quickly conveyed to the people who need to see them.

CleanTelligent's 100,000th Instant Notification signifies CleanTelligent's successful adoption in the cleaning industry. CleanTelligent has become an integral system in several building service contractors' and in-house cleaning departments’ communication systems, and continues to garner widespread interest throughout the cleaning industry. CleanBrain President, Michael Jenkins, is enthusiastic about the role CleanTelligent will play in the future of the cleaning industry. He says, “The Cleaning Industry is very competitive, and it’s not slowing down. Customers expect more. CleanTelligent is the customer service tool that will divide the truly professional companies from the rest.”

CleanBrain's rise to dominance in online tracking systems for the cleaning industry comes from its effective combination of powerful software with excellent customer service. Jenkins asserts that, “We are all about customer service. CleanTelligent facilities it. We show it by example to those who use CleanTelligent. The human aspect of customer service is the most important part of any communications software system.” CleanBrain Software's effective customer service program responds to the needs of individual building service contractors and in-house cleaning departments, effectively implementing Jenkins' philosophy on effective customer service.

Jenkins' approach to customer service appears to be working. Contractors are taking notice of CleanTelligent at industry tradeshows, with new clients signing on regularly. At 100,000 Instant Notifications and growing, CleanTelligent is moving robustly into the future of technology for the cleaning industry and taking CleanBrain with it.