The company also announced that David Hazman, national sales for the Cello division, will mark his 50th year as a Cello employee. This milestone in his professional career started on September 17, 1960. There were 25 job applicants for the position and David was the last one to be interviewed. He hand no previous sales experience. The interviewer said to him after questions and open conversation, "Do you think you can sell a customer as well as you just sold me?" He assured him he could and do it better. The interviewer said, "You're hired!" David was 23 years old at the time.

David trained with a Cello rep in Washington D.C. for six months who had never made a sale himself. Living at home at that time David expressed to his mother, "if an experienced rep can't sell, how can I." His Mom said, "With your personality and natural enthusiasm you will do very well." His mother was a prophet, because he has been successful with Cello since then. David has seen Cello change through three acquisitions by Grow Group, Sherman Williams and the Carroll Company. There were many job offers from both inside and outside the industry, but he never entertained any of them and made Cello his personal mission.

David has seen and experienced many changes over the past 50 years that are now available to the industry, but did not exist when he started. One of the things that have saddened him the most over the years is the recent lack of personal relations with the distributor, distributor sales reps and customers, a key ingredient to David's success. Although he realizes the merits of the computer world, he has yet to see a computer do a demo or replace salesmen with eye-to-eye contact and hands on training. The industry to him has become a little less impersonal.

On a personal milestone he will celebrate 49 years being married to his wonderful wife Nadine. They have been blessed with 2 children together and 2 precious grandchildren. His hobbies include playing tennis and enjoying his family.