The Canadian American Business Council, the voice of the Canadian American business community, today presented Virox Technologies Inc., of Oakville, Ont., and JohnsonDiversey Inc., of Sturtevant, Wis., with the prestigious Business Achievement Award for their collaboration in developing and distributing a safe and environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant.

In 2001, Virox Technologies and JohnsonDiversey formed a partnership in the ongoing fight against infectious disease and together have proven that a disinfectant need not be toxic to be effective.

"In 2003, we were at the forefront of the global fight against SARS in large part because of our partnership with Virox," said Ed Lonergan, President and CEO of JohnsonDiversey. "And this partnership is at the foundation of our aggressive approach in the fight against the spread of avian flu and other infectious diseases. Our relationship with Virox is not just good business. It is also helping to protect public health. We're proud of how this U.S.-Canadian business enterprise is making this world a safer, healthier place."

Each year, the Council identifies innovative and successful alliances between Canadian and American businesses to recognize the benefits that these partnerships bring to both countries  in jobs, innovation and revenue creation. Judges look for sustained profitability, job creation, financial strength, environmental responsibility and exceptional innovation. Past award winners have included Research in Motion (RIM), Intel Corporation, Syncrude and Caterpillar.

"The judges for this year's Business Achievement Award were not only impressed by the working partnership between the two companies but also by the positive impact their solution has for reducing the threat of infectious disease," said Randolph Dove, Board Chairman, Canadian American Business Council. "The CABC recognizes their incredible work and applauds their cross- border alliance on a global scale."

"Many disinfectants are currently under scrutiny due to increasing concern with human and environmental safety," said Dr. Syed A. Sattar, director of the Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology, University of Ottawa. "Too many disinfectants have a narrow spectrum of germicidal activity because most products are only tested against easy-to-kill bacteria and not against more resistant viruses. The Virox / JohnsonDiversey partnership is meeting the need for safer, more effective germicides."

Virox Technologies and JohnsonDiversey will be formally presented with their award at the 12th Annual Awards luncheon taking place during the North American Competitiveness Forum on November 8, 2006 at the Royal York. For information on the event please visit

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