As the University of Kansas doles out budget cuts campus-wide, various departments are saving wherever and however they can — relying on everything from recycled folders to decreased services to weather the cuts.

According to recent reports from, Doug Riat, director of Facilities Operations, said the department was cutting back on everything from purchasing new equipment to hours of custodial labor.

The department has a fleet of vehicles, which includes 78 tagged vehicles and 58 pieces of equipment. The total cost of operating the fleet in 2009 was $276,164. This includes $111,278 for fuel and $164,886 for repairs, insurance, registration, tires, batteries and regular vehicle maintenance. Riat said the department replaces five vehicles during a normal year. However, he said this year the department might only replace one, if any at all.

Steven Green, associate director of Facilities Operations, said he wanted to replace eight vehicles, which, after auctioning off the used vehicles, would equal a net cost of $98,000. After deducting the cost of maintenance and repairs, he estimated this year’s savings to be $81,200.

Riat said the department saved the most money in custodial labor.

He said four custodial positions were eliminated this year. The starting wage for a custodian is $10.15 an hour, Riat said. With benefits, a custodial salary is about $27,000, making the expense cut about $108,000.

The department also saved money by limiting services. Offices that have previously been cleaned up to three times a week are now only being cleaned once a week.

“We can’t continue to provide the same services with fewer staff,” Riat said.

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