The California Environmental Protection Agency building in Sacramento has expanded its quest to keep California at the frontier of environmental consciousness, according to reports in the Sacramento Bee. To do so, the Cal-EPA's Integrated Waste Management Board has begun promoting workplace worm composting. Roughly 70 people in the building tend worms that turn food scraps into compost at their desks.

Although most people have a negative reaction to the composting efforts at first, officials comment that it is neither "stinky or a grotesque mess." The worms live in a plastic bin tucked under the desk and if someone were to pop the lid, they would only sense a musty smell, similar to wet dirt.

According to the article: "The worms favor fruit and vegetable scraps such as banana peels and apple and pear cores. They also feed on the paper bedding. Over time, the bin fills with worm castings, a polite term for worm poop.

"A component of healthy soil, the castings make a rich fertilizer that the worm wranglers take home to their gardens or turn in for use on the building grounds."

There are at least 50 additional employees who are waiting to become worm wranglers in the facility.

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