According a recent announcement from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), members of the Floor Care Engineering Council of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Association (AHAM) met with CRI recently to discuss proposed updates to the Green Label Vacuum Cleaner Testing Program. The main objective of the meeting was to get accord on the transitioning of the Green Label Vacuum Cleaner Program into CRI's Seal of Approval Program. The new name of the program will be called the Seal of Approval/Green Label Vacuum Cleaner Program to reflect both the testing for efficacy as well as indoor air quality. It would also include a ranking system of gold, silver ands bronze levels based on soil removal.

The majority of the conversation between the two groups centered on the testing protocol that will be incorporated within the new program starting in 2007. The groups agreed to run correlation data between several test methods, including XRF, gravimetric and F608 methodology and a decision on the test method would then be decided at a future meeting of the participants.

The meeting also broached the subject of a new testing program for household extractors that would be tied to neither the current SOA nor Green Label Programs, but would not be unveiled until sometime in late 2007.

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