The Cleaning Industry Research Institute announced that Frank Wiley has chosen to step down as Executive Director. Wiley will continue in his role until mid-September to assist in the transition of staff responsibility to CIRI’s headquarters in Albany.

“Frank is one of the founders of CIRI,” noted Jim Harris, chairman of the board.  “He was one of the original visionaries behind the formation of the institute, and has been a key catalyst in our success to date.  He will be difficult to replace.”

Wiley is president of Magnitude Marketing, LLC, a consulting company located in Hamilton, OH.  In 2004, while working as a marketing consultant for Castle Rock Industries (CRI), Wiley met with CRI CEO Dennis Meagher, Jim Harris, from Concepts4 and Humphrey Tyler from NTP Media to discuss the formation of a research institute.  When Wiley was later asked to serve as CIRI’s first Executive Director in 2005, he accepted the position as a part-time assignment.

“I felt my role, as a consultant, was to help get CIRI established and gain credibility within the cleaning industry,” Wiley said.  “I believe we accomplished that with the success of the 2007 Cleaning Science Symposium, which proved that people were very interested in cleaning science, and saw CIRI as the right place to turn.”

“Even though Frank has been serving CIRI part-time,” Harris noted, “he has done an outstanding job for us over the last two year.  However, with the success of the Symposium and the major research projects that CIRI is now conducting, Frank and I both recognized that the Institute needs a full-time Executive Director.”

“I continue to believe strongly in CIRI’s mission,” Wiley concluded.  “The cleaning industry needs to gain recognition for the important work it does, and science can be the vehicle to allow that.  Effective cleaning saves lives.  CIRI will help explain that to the rest of the world, and back it with credible research.”