According to American News, Aberdeen, SD, is hiring and area employers are finding it difficult to find qualified and loyal employees. The trend seems to be consistent in many cities across the United States as business are expanding into new areas, unemployment rates are dropping and employers are finding that there are fewer options when it comes to job applicants.

These growing business chains are also making it more difficult for smaller companies to stay afloat. Many small businesses have watched their employees leave to work for the competition that pays higher wages.

Staffing experts indicate that the trend is affecting more than just one industry too. Janitorial work and nursing home assistants are ranked at the top of the list as difficult positions to fill. Job applicants are looking for the best package in terms of pay, hours and benefits, requests that make it difficult for small janitorial companies to compete.

Another challenge for small business is the turnover. Experts have seen employees start at one company "for the time being" and then jump ship when another, higher paying, job becomes available.

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