The EcoLogo Program announced that it has released its newly revised standard for biologically-based cleaning and degreasing compounds. Household cleaners are among the new additions to this standard, making biologically-based cleaning products more accessible to the public.

“EcoLogo is proud to expand its Biologically-based Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds Standard to include household cleaners. This revised standard demonstrates the Program’s continued effort to improve and/or maintain environmental and human health and to minimize harmful impacts from the production, use and disposal of products we use every day,” says Dr. Angela Griffiths, Executive Director of the EcoLogo Program.

Unlike conventional cleaners, biologically-based cleaning and degreasing compounds contain microbial cultures that promote digestion of hydrocarbons, organic contaminants and other undesirable substances.

EcoLogo’s Biologically-based Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds Standard was developed using a multi-parameter approach that identifies the most important environmental indicators from all stages of the product’s life cycle. This standard will also help identify the top overall environmental performers on the market.

The bio-based cleaners standard addresses toxicity to aquatic and mammalian life, biodegradation, performance in the presence of soil, low risk for promoting microbial resistance, product labelling and packaging, restricted ingredients, human health issues, and more.

For more information about EcoLogo’s newly revised standard, visit, click on “Our Standards” and choose CCD-110 for Biologically-based Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds.