A new floor area measurement standard outlining the procedure for obtaining the gross floor areas of a building has been released by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International. The Gross Areas of a Building: Methods of Measurement provides two methods that define the two gross areas of a building: the construction gross area and the exterior gross area.

The larger measure of the two gross areas, construction gross area, includes the area defined as exterior gross area as well as other areas that have a structural floor, or are covered by a roof or canopy, that are typically unenclosed but within the building perimeter.

The exterior gross area, the second method, is the total floor area contained within the measure line, a new term developed for this standard, and generally refers to the outside surface of the exterior enclosure of a building including structured parking.

The procedures for measuring the gross area permit communication and computation on a concise basis, no matter the purpose of the measurement, says BOMA International.

The methods contained in the standard are not intended for application to site improvements other than buildings.