Avmor Ltd., a Laval, Quebec, Canada-based company received ISO 14001:2004 Certification (Environmental Management Systems) for design and manufacturing of chemical products for maintenance and industrial, institutional and domestic markets. To the best of its knowledge, Avmor is the only Canadian manufacturer of chemical cleaning solutions to receive this certification.

The International Standard Organization (ISO) 14000 is the world’s most recognized framework for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). It sets practical guidelines for businesses that go beyond compliance with legislation and demands that they examine all activities, including products and services, which may have an environmental impact. Businesses who wish to achieve ISO certification are required to be proactive in implementing a strategic approach, which in turn, brings a return on investment. ISO monitors and sets standards for vital aspects of the design and manufacturing process including quality, ecology, safety, economy, reliability, compatibility, interoperability, conformity, efficiency and effectiveness. Benefits include a reduction in waste, energy consumption and materials, distribution efficiencies, improved corporate image among regulators, customers and the public, as well as a
framework for continual improvement of environmental performance.

Paul Goldin, Chief Sustainability Officer at Avmor, as well as Director of Marketing and Technical Services, is a proponent of this business model, stating: “We wanted to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability not only through the products we market and sell but also through our internal practices.”

Since instituting the process of ISO 14000 certification, the company has been able to utilize efficient practices and implement effective waste management operations in all aspect of their business. The process has helped Avmor recognize the impact that each step of their processes has on the environment. Avmor has continued to focus its primary objective on educating the public about green cleaning and sustainable choices as an alternative to traditional cleaning products. It is also an active member of organizations such as the Canadian Green Building Council and BOMA.